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Our tea room

We offer a range of Mariage Frères teas and Cafés Richard coffee, as well as a selection of flavours from years bygone, including our home-made ginger lemonade, jams and fruit juices. Leave with fruit and veg from the estate’s gardens so you can enjoy your fill of vitamins. We grow our fruit and vegetables sustainably without pesticides so they are bursting with flavour. To do our bit for the environment, we sell still water in returnable glass bottles.

Try our 100% natural fruit juices

Our apple and apple and raisin juices are made by simply squeezing the fruit and we do not add any additives. We don’t treat the fruit and the juice is not processed in any way, meaning that no quality is lost. You can also sample our cakes, jams and honey, according to the season. Take a little piece of Domaine de Poulaines paradise with you to enjoy at home.

Our designer shop

Our shop pays homage to our region’s artisanry with a range of items, including baskets, Berry sheep leather accessories, terracotta pots and ramie and straw hats. We also offer an exclusive range of products made by local designers especially for Domaine de Poulaines. Visit our online store
Domaine de Poulaines