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Partnerships that make sense

The centre region’s vegetable-growing heritage and Solognote sheep

Domaine de Poulaines has joined forces with the project Union for the Genetic Resources of the Centre-Val de Loire so as many people as possible can rediscover the region’s most typical vegetable varieties. The initiative will run until autumn. Special signage shows the vegetables that are part of this initiative. urgcentre.fr

Marilou Laure, the watercolours that guide the way

Marilou’s watercolours guide the way and inform visitors about our gardens. After studying Graphic Design at Penninghen and Fine Arts in Paris, Marilou Laure has painted watercolours for Pierre Gagnaire, sketched panthers for Cartier, created posters for Fragonard, silkscreens for Agnès b and illustrations for Flammarion.

Iris blossom trail

Together with the other Centre-Val de Loire parks and gardens and specialist nurseries, Cayeux and Bourdillon, the Domaine de Poulaines gives you the chance to wander around its beautiful grounds and enjoy its iris collection. Iris season is May to June and the intermediate iris collection will be in bloom in the rose garden and along the water ways, while the bearded irises are spread among the perennials. www.routedesiris.com

© du Centre

The © du Centre brand, dedicated to the food products of the Centre-Val de Loire region, aims to enhance the recognition of authentic regional products and local expertise. It provides better visibility and facilitates product identification through its stamping, while ensuring their authenticity and regional origin. This initiative also supports the local economy, businesses, and employment in the region, by promoting responsible and environmentally-friendly consumption.



L’Orangerie makes terracotta pots for the gardens, terraces and balconies. All pots are sculpted in the L’Orangerie studio and are known for their contemporary design. Their textures and natural tones are perfect for any type of plant. L’Orangerie pots can be found at several historic sites in France (Royaumont Abbey, Château d’Angers, Ronsard House in Tours). Read our blog post  

La Loire’s châteaux and historic treasures

The association “Châteaux de la Loire, Vallée des Rois” includes over 80 castles, religious monuments, museums, parks and gardens located in the Loire Valley from Gien to Nantes. The association’s objective is to promote these exceptional venues by grouping cultural places of interest for tourists and locals alike. Naturally, Domaine de Poulaines is an active member. Visit the association’s website
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